Why Mental Health?

Why Mental Health?

I don't have many memories from childhood, and apparently that's not uncommon at all. But thinking all the way back to my very earliest memory from childhood, the way I was ready for my life to be over before I even turned nine years old. I was fortunate enough to have a close relationship with my family, already having the support system most people don't.


I am now 26 years old and struggle with anxiety and depression so bad that it's hard for my brain to do something as simple as make plans. I've always gone with the flow because I figured someday I would just be gone. But after all this time, I know I'm not alone. Not even close. If you don't struggle with it, I guarantee you have a loved one who might be. Untreated mental health disorders can/will completely destroy a person & their family because of a stigma.

I hold a lot of causes dear to my heart, but this one really hits home for me.


For the mental health line:

You have the option to pick up in store, or I can ship it right to you. I'm not trying to make a single penny. I'm using this time to practice what I absolutely love doing, while helping out a cause who needs it. Help me out community! Lets come together & see what we can do!


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